How Do I Package My Content As A Market Ready Product? (Video)

Often times businesses will have a bank of content that can be packaged and sent out to their networks. Check out the video below for some ideas how to package your content!


You want to make sure that you are pumping out lots of great content but you are also

positioning them as products. So you could do a video course series or an e-book or

you can even do an audio program. But the point is that you have to make the decision

to actually do it, then you can figure out how. Once you have made the decision, how is

the easy part because you can even create your next e-book in a PDF format. Of

course you can make the decision on whether you want to get it all designed – make it

look nice. But that is the point, you have got to make the decision to be able to do it and

then position as products and packages. So once you are able to do that, things are

going to absolutely change for you. Now people will perceive you as an expert, you can

now literally say you are the creator of product “X” or you are the author of e-book “Y” –

you can do so much about it. Now we have got our guy, Tim takes care of all our audio,

video, and all of our production stuff. So I have left his contact details below so you can

always reach out to him if you have any questions about it. But really just take the

initiative – take the first step and make it happen. Create products, and get them out

there and then put them on the platforms. Either give them away for free or sell them – it

really depends on what your motive is. But you can do both, if you are giving them away

for free it might be a really great plug for your business. You really want to think about

how you are going to approach this, but you have got to strategically plan this stuff. So

just make sure that once you make the decision, you are planning out the entire

campaign in a very strategic way.

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