How To Build Your Brand Through Social Media Platforms

Branding yourself on social media platforms is becoming increasingly important in todays market. In 2014, a study found that 65 percent of online users use search engines to find out information on people and companies. These searches usually bring online users to social media profiles, and have been found to increase exposure for brands and companies, as well as increase loyalty among fans and followers. So if you are thinking about using social media platforms to brand yourself, then you should begin today. We have complied a list of tips on how you can get started.

Select the social media platforms you will use: 

There are so many different social media platforms that can provide you with what you are looking for, for your brand. You should be aware and careful with the platforms you do decide to choose because you don’t want to spread yourself too thin. Focusing on one or two social media platforms will allow your to build up presence and reach your potential audience.

Keep your presence on each social media platform consistent: 

The consistency of your brands imagery is very important for making an impact on social media platforms. You want to make sure that your profile photo, brand logo, colour palette, and writing styles are all recognizable on each platform. Using consistency on social media platforms will allow your brand to have a unique identity that followers will be able to easily remember.

Create unique and valuable content: 

Producing valuable and unique content that your followers want to read is a great way to build your brand up and create unbreakable bonds with your readers. Figure out what kind of content engages your audience the most and make sure it is valuable enough for your audience to want to share it on their own social media profiles.

As talked about before, keeping branding and imagery consistent is extremely important for building your presence on social media. You want to make sure that your content supports your brands image and that the tone or topic of the content is relevant to your brand. For example, if your website is dedicated to healthy recipes and cooking, you would not post content that had to do with finance. Most visitors would find that confusing and irrelevant to your brands image and website. So stick to relevant content that is consistent.

If you are unclear about which content will gain the most visibility on your social networks, then check out Google Analytics. Analytics will tell you what kind of content your audience likes to view. Whether that be blogs, videos, or images, Google Analytics will show you the best content for your audience.

Talk part in the conversation: 

The best way to gain a following or fan base on social media is by interacting with your audience, and using those interactions to socialize your content. One easy way to do this is by collaborating with other social influencers. Mention these individuals in your content, and back link them to their website or content. This will create bonds and will inspire them to share your content with their followers.

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How To Increase Your Chances Of Going Viral On YouTube

Viral videos have become a huge trend over the past couple of years, thanks to YouTube. YouTube content creators make and post videos in the hope of going viral and drawing attention to their videos and channels. It can take years for seasoned YouTube creators to get even a slight taste of attention from their videos. So how do these great videos go viral? And is it just luck or is there a specific method to going viral?

We compiled a list of the top things you should be doing to increase your chances of going viral on YouTube.

Take Advantage of Current & Popular Trends:
Capitalize on current trends that are popular on YouTube right now. Check out successful channels, and viral videos for the trends and categories that they are using. Some of the most popular categories include cooking, beauty and fashion, tutorials, and comedy skits, but there are also tons of other niches out there, like funny animals or reaction videos. So discover what clicks for you, there are tons of options out there.

When picking a trend or category that you want to capitalize on, always keep in mind your industry and how you can incorporate it with what is trending. For example, if you own a wedding cake bakery, try incorporating your brand into a viral trend such as the “Will you marry me” musical videos. But just beware that you are competing in a extremely popular trend on YouTube, so it may take you more views to get noticed.

Make Sure It Is Quality Content:
Most popular YouTuber’s have access to production teams and quality equipment, such as lighting, cameras, and microphones. All of this advanced technology is not needed to make a video, however most viral videos and channels tend to have good quality content. So using the right equipment and putting out quality content that you are proud of is extremely important for increasing your chances of going viral on YouTube.

You don’t have to go out and buy expensive equipment right away, check out your local camera shop, they usually rent out equipment for relatively cheap.

The Title Is Important:
YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, so when coming up with the title of your video you want to treat it like any other search engine. Besides your content, the title is perhaps the most important thing, and could be the gateway to a viral video. Start thinking about the top viral videos you have watched and shared. Most of these videos have engaging titles that make you feel like you have to click on it. Capitalize on people’s sense of curiosity, it will definitely increase your videos views and chance of going viral.

Market It:
There are many YouTube videos that become viral out of shear luck, but for the most part many are well planned and marketed.

In order to give your video the best shot at going viral, you need to plan everything. Before filming, make sure you have identified the trend or category that you are going to target. If you do decide to go with a trend that is popular, just remember it maybe more difficult to get a ton of views. Views are what are important in going viral, so finding a niche or smaller trend might be better so that you rise to the top of YouTube’s search results faster.

YouTube has similar search engine rankings just like Google. So after uploading, give your video a brief description and make sure you use the right keywords that fit well with your content. Keywords will help your ranking and your chances of going viral. Ask your friends and family to share, like and comment on your video. As well as, use other social media networks to help spread it.

Planning ahead will give your video a better chance of gaining attention and going viral.

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How To Make Your Content Stand Out

There are an estimated 2 million blog post published every single day around the world. So getting your content noticed online can be extremely vital, as well as a difficult task.
But how can you make your content stand out amongst millions of others? Well there are a few things you can do to increase your contents chances of getting picked up and noticed by a large audience. Check out some of our suggestions down below.

External Links:
External links are valuable for content and most importantly for search engine optimization. Because external links are a sign of popularity and relevance for search engine algorithms, they can help boost your content to the top of search engine results. Which results in an increase of traffic and an impact to your organic search rankings. As well as, creates a network back to your website that brings in more viewers.

Keywords are also an important tactic to use to get your content to stand out. Using keywords in your title and your content can help increase your search engine rankings. For an example, if your business is in the landscaping industry, you will want to include specific keywords that relate to landscaping – such as landscaping, landscaping ideas, landscaping designs, landscaping services, etc. A better ranking on search engine results can really increase traffic to your content.

Add More Research To Your Content:
Instead of using information and research from external sources, start sharing statistics and insights from your own company. Most blog posts revolve around statistics, numbers, research, strategies and methods that have all been regurgitated. Where do you think the research comes from? It comes from companies sharing their own research and insights. So why not publish your own companies research instead of reusing others.

By actually generating your own company’s information and insights and publishing it through your content, you are demonstrating to your audience that your business is the leader in your industry and subject.

Don’t Just Regurgitate:
If you want to be a leader in your niche market, stop using research from other companies and start using your own. If you instill in your audience that your website is the go-to-source for research on your industry and subject, they will start going to you first before anyone else.

Pictures & Videos:
To make your content a lot more interesting, add something more engaging such as photos or videos. Reading a wall of text can be quite draining and may cause many readers to cut their read short. By adding visual elements to your content it will help it stand out more and can help you break away from the crowd.

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How To Gain More Followers On Instagram

Instagram is quickly becoming the biggest social media network for businesses and content creators. Instagram opens up a huge playing field for any businesses looking to gain exposure and interact with their target audiences online. Many businesses do not utilize all of the great resources that Instagram has that can get them a lot of followers. Gaining more followers requires a little more than just uploading content, check out some great things you can do to gain more followers on Instagram.


Stick To A Niche Segment:
In order to be successful on Instagram, you will need to stick to one or two specific niche segments. It is best to find a niche market that you are passionate and knowledgable about, so that it makes it easy for you to come up with creative and consistent content easily.


Post Engaging And Creative Content Continuously:
People follow accounts because they want content – and a lot of it. If you are looking to attract a large audience on Instagram you are going to have to post consistent, high-quality content nonstop. It is easy to get lost in the land of Instagram, so make sure you are posting around two to three times a day so that followers can get use to your post and familiarize themselves with your username.


Use Captivating Captions:
Captions can be just as important as the content you are putting out. Figure out first if your audience enjoys long or short captions. For an example, if your Instagram page specializes in makeup, your audience will most likely want a long caption that includes the products that appear in your post. Once you have figure out what your followers want in their captions, you must remain consistent with it.
Instagram captions should include four things: they should be motivating; captivating; inspiring; and should give viewers an experience while reading it. This will really draw users in and keep them wanting more from your page.


Use Hashtags…And Lots Of Them:
Using hashtags on a post is one of the best ways to attract like-minded individuals to your page. When you are using hashtags for your post you want to be using the right ones that relate to your content posted, as well as your Instagram page. Studies have found that the optimal number of hashtags on Instagram is 11. The more hashtags you load onto your post, the more likely you are to get likes, comments, and new followers. So #YourHeartOut.


Interact With Users:
Communicate and engage with the community around you by following, liking, and commenting on other users post. Instagram isn’t just about posting your own content, it is also about exploring the content of others and the different communities around you. Create personal bonds and relationships with your followers by responding to comments they have left on your post. This will allow you to create personal bonds with your followers, and make you seem more attractive to them and others who stumble across your page.

If you are just starting on Instagram, comment and interact on big content creators pages. People are more likely to click on your page if they see you commenting and interacting with the same people they follow.

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qualified leads

Qualified Leads From Video Tracking

Qualified leads will solve all your inbound sales problems. Then it’s only a matter of following up and closing deals (that’s your responsibility, our job as marketers is the former). We’re going to dive deeper than regular video marketing, we’ll actually look at the in-depth tracking.

  • Who watched your video?
  • How long they’ve watched your video?

To perform this you’ll need to have an active e-mail list. You’ll also need to pick some of your top videos you’d like to show off to your list. Once you’ve performed the action, you’ll be able to generate incredible information.

Now Lets Find Qualified Leads…


generate leads


As you can see from the above, you can get some serious data. What’s incredible about this is that you can actually begin to segment the data for engagement. We can actually create lead scores to separate the more qualified leads from the not so engaged. You can actually take the data and move it over to another platform as a CSV file.

qualified leads

The data can easily be imported into your CRM (Client Relationship Management) system to make it easier for your team to follow up on qualified leads. Your team will appreciate these leads because now your prospects are much more engaged and qualified leads. Then your inbound sales team can build a relationship, and send out proposals (from which you can also test engagement and data).

This approach really does take video marketing to a whole another level. You’re now not just looking at generic analytics such as views, you’re truly understanding the level of engagement your prospects are having to your content. Not only do you win with this information, you also have a better understanding on how to make your content more relevant to your audience. Which really leads to ensuring your overall engagement is high.

generate leads

Want to know how to implement such systems to your inbound sales process? Our team can help. Visit our company website to learn more.

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Customer-Centric Marketing Trends That You Should Be Doing

Today’s market is focused primarily on one thing: the customer. And it is really paying off for businesses. Businesses are using marketing techniques to build and construct a thriving relationship with their customers, which in return is giving major return on investment. If you are looking to get your foot into this customer-centric marketing space, keep reading to find out the biggest marketing trends that are happening right now.


Interactive Content:
Classic blog posts, and reports are still great to put on your website, but customers today want interactive and exciting content. Shift your content towards something more interesting. Look at putting your content in different and creative forms such as videos, info-graphics, or interactive games – something different that will keep consumers clicking and sharing your content.


Add Personalization:
Customers like to feel as if companies are talking directly to them. Personalized messages through emails, custom landing pages, or through content that is specific to their wants or needs, is exactly what consumers want to see. Customers expect companies to know everything about them, so utilize the information you have and personalize this content.


Interact on Social Media:
Create marketing messages that can be posted onto your social media networks where consumers can spark up conversations and engage with you. Use different social media monitoring tools to respond to this engagement or use it to assist with any customer concerns that need to be addressed. This can really help improve your presence and engagement levels on social media networks.


Marketing Middleware:
Marketing middleware is a trend among marketers that had been increasing in the past couple of years. There are countless softwares and programs out on the market that allow marketing technologies to work together and provide marketers with access to in-depth analysis of customer interactions with different marketing campaigns. This gives marketers the opportunity to remain consistency and flexibility across all of their marketing campaigns.


Advocate Marketing:
When customers have a great experience with your company they are more likely to give a referral to their friends and family members. Promoting through referrals is more effective than affiliates or incentives in today’s market. So taking advantage of these advocates is an amazing idea, and is extremely easy to do.

Building strong relationships with these advocates and giving them a positive experience is the best way to bring new referrals in your business.

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Increase Search Engine Rankings Immediately

Increase search engine rankings immediately in 6 steps. We’ll break down the exact process for you. When clients come to us, we get to see exactly how they’ve approached their SEO campaigns in the past. Let me tell you, it’s not pretty. Most businesses take a shotgun approach to their SEO, in fact it’s not precise when it comes to key words or understanding the algorithms of search engines and how they work. We’ve taken the time to break down our in house process, and how our clients immediately benefit from SEO traffic. They increase search engine rankings immediately!

Here’s How To Increase Search Engine Rankings (in 5 steps)…


  1. On-Page Modifications

It’s not as complicated as it sounds. You’re making on page modifications to existing content on your website or blog. Which really means you’re making edits to your page that are according to best practices in SEO. We have systems in place to help make this process efficient, as there’s many things to consider.

increase search engine rankings


2. Publish Changes 

Every time you make such modifications go ahead and publish them on your website or blog. Everytime you do this, search engines like Google crawls for changes. This alone will help you get up in rankings, as search engines look for these updates.

increase search engine rankings

Below is a continuation of the above examples on how these on page modifications are implemented. Eventually your articles with capture more organic traffic, and you’ll have to rely less on your direct networks.

increase search engine rankings

3. Off-Page SEO

Again this is not too complicated. However you’re looking for article distribution outsider your website. Which means other blogs, forums, websites, etc. The best way to do this most effectively is through hundreds of links that are back-linked to your specific content you’re optimizing. This is done through automated press release distribution and spinning content. You’ll see below how we can spin different words in titles and passages, which will produce hundreds of unique press release articles that link back to your blog or website.

increase search engine rankings

4. Produce Back links

Once you’ve sent of your press releases, you’ll be able to generate reports on all the links that go out on hundreds of different sites. These articles are also focusing on your primary keyword, and are there for the purpose of driving up your main article for rankings by building search engine authority.

increase search engine rankings

5. Ping Search Engines

The final step involves letting search engines know about your changes. This is very simple, you can submit your URL to Bulk Ping or any other pinging site to communicate with the search engines. Keep coming back to the key word by checking on Google and see how your listing progresses.


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5 Tips To Become More Productive

Are you a procrastinator? Have you ever wanted to be as productive as possible? Do you find it hard to find the motivation to get everything done on time?

Well we created a list of five tips that can help you become more productive in your business and your personal life. Check them out below.

Start the day off with a wholesome breakfast:
The phase “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” has never been truer. In order to start your day off right and get energized for a productive day, you need to fill your body with nutrients and substance that is going to allow you to be as productive as possible. Find time to make a wholesome breakfast that is going to supply you with enough energy and goodness to last the whole day. Think about incorporating more proteins, fruits and vegetables into your diet – make your own green smoothie or fry up an egg – and try to stay away from junk foods. A junk diet will lead to junk performance!

Plan your day the night before:

It can be hard to sleep when your mind is restless from thinking about the tasks you have to get done the next day. This can take a toll on your body and can cause you to be less productive due to lack of sleep. Develop a routine where every night you take 15-20 minutes before bed to write down all of your tasks that you need to complete the next day. This will allow your mind to calm down and will help relax you before bedtime – ensuring you get the best sleep possible!

Energize yourself with a workout:
Not only is a good breakfast important way to start your day, but working out is as well. Physical exercise gets your blood flowing throughout your body and releases endorphins that can help get rid of the laziness we tend to feel in the morning. Working out also allows us to release unwanted stress and helps to increase our energy levels, which allows you to take on the day with more energy than you had starting it!

Get out of the office at lunch time:
Instead of eating at your desk, get up and go for a walk, and find a place to eat outside of the office. Giving yourself a few minutes to breath in fresh air and eat your lunch is a great way to rejuvenate and refresh yourself so you can attack the rest of the day head on!

Do not disturb:
It can be hard keeping up your productivity levels at work when coworkers are constantly interrupting you. One way to give yourself time to get important business done without getting interrupted is by putting up a “Do Not Disturb” sign at your desk/office and on email. Letting your coworkers know that you need time to finish work will allow you to get your work done on time and won’t decrease your productivity.

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intelligence tracking

Intelligence: Double Your Business With 6 Metrics

Intelligence Tracking takes the uncertainty after you e-mail a proposal to your prospect. You’ll know and understand what to anticipate, and how to respond. Having such information is critical to increasing the likelihood of closing high level sales.

As a marketer, for many years I’ve been obsessed with data and economics. That obsession has really helped me bring something unique to the table to the marketing profession and industry. One of these innovations is the understanding of how to find intelligence on your prospective leads, and use the data to determine the answer to these two questions:

  • Is this prospect taking my proposal seriously?
  • Which prospects should I be spending most of my time with?

Not only were these questions important to my sales team, it was something many of my prospects were asking. It was these two questions that led me to determine the 6 intelligence metrics that will double your sales. As you read the information on business intelligence, you will definitely appreciate how this can add value to your practice. This would be especially useful if you’re running a consulting practice or sell high level services.


These intelligence metrics will double your business…


  1. Frequency of Email Opened
    This metric is one of the first places to start. This one really determines all the other 6 I’ll be discussing. At the end of the day if your prospect hasn’t even opened your email, then you haven’t captured their interest yet. Now this could mean that they are busy and just haven’t yet gotten round to your proposal. Some of my biggest clients have taken weeks (even months) to open an email. However knowledge is power, and just having an understanding of whether your email has been opened will give you the confidence to follow-up with your prospect. Maybe they just need a quick reminder? Maybe they’ve just been hiding the fact that they are not interested? Either way, at least you’ll know whether to spend any more time or not. Your time is your most valuable asset!Another important reason worth mentioning is finding out the level of interest in your email. If your prospect opens your email 3,4, or even 18 times, what does that mean!? It could be that he or she is super engaged, which makes the prospect even more qualified! It could also mean that he or she is indecisive, which is always a red flag. Either way, you’ll be more confident in your next move.
  2. Frequency of Link(s) Clicked
    If you’ve decided to share a link or an article on your blog, that’s a hyperlink that can be tracked. The engagement on that link will give you a clear indication on your prospect’s intent. He or she may not even click the link, in which case you may want to change your approach or move on to another prospect. Similarly to the first point, if your prospect is clicking the link multiple times, this is a clear indication of his or her’s interest in what you’ve shared. This will give you the confidence in shortlisting this prospect, and escalating towards closing a sale. As opposed to frequency of email opened, frequency of click makes the engagement level more certain and definitive.
  3. Average Proposal Reading Time
    Now we’re getting in to the good stuff! If you’re seasoned as a business owner or sales leader, you’ve probably sent out many proposals to your prospects. When you send out emails to your prospects, you can set tracking on the attached proposal. Once the email is sent, you can sit back and wait for the data to come through. Eventually you’ll find out how much time on average does your prospect spend reading your proposal. You know if it’s more than a minute, he or she is most likely giving it a serious review.

  4. Average Time Spent Per Page
    Understanding the engagement levels on each individual page of your proposal will give you a clear understanding on which content is your prospect taking more seriously. If your prospect is spending more time on the pricing page of your proposal, you can probably make an educated guess that he or she is spending time thinking about the investment opportunity. I’ve had prospects who are interested in the process, and others may spend more time on the section that talks about the services. These are all clues on your next steps. The screenshot below is an actual proposal sent by our team to a prospect, and we track his engagement per page.intelligence
  5. Number of Visits Per Page
    Understanding the number of times your prospect has come back to read specific a page will help you evaluate which page required the most attention. Having this knowledge can give you an idea of how the prospect is approaching the proposal.intelligence
  6. Prospect Reading Completion
    Prospect Reading Completion comes as a percentage, and knowing how much of the proposal is complemented will right away tell you if the prospect has read the entire proposal. If there are parts that have not been read, not only will you be able to tell which parts, you’ll be able to advise and review over the neglected parts with the prospect. This metric will also tell you if the prospect may have skimmed the material, in which case it’s also best to check the reading time to determine this.

If you’d like to know more on how to implement intelligence in your business. Book your complimentary strategy session with us, and we’ll show you how.

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Marketing Automation: How To Profit From It [Video]

Marketing Automation will save you time, money, and resources.

Marketing Automation Will Change Your Business Overnight…


Hi this is Basim Mirza signing in from beautiful Cayman Islands. So the question that I am going to be answering for you today is how do you achieve automation through your marketing? Now this could be through multiple ways, I mean you could be doing this through email or even social media. One of the things that I feel proud of is the fact that I am able to achieve full automation in everything that I do. You don’t want to be spending crazy amounts of time, you know, all your hours in the day, trying to do tasks that are just going to only take away from your head space. You want to be able to have the freedom and the sense, as well as the peace of mind to go about your day in thinking about the strategic stuff – the big picture. Thats why it is really important to really think about the tools and the software and programs that help you achieve automation. One of the first places that you could really think of where you could achieve automation is email. When you are building an email list, you can actually design the email templates through even software like Mail Chimp, where you can actually set up automated responses when someone opts into your email list. Just doing that and creating that email sequence in a very automated way, but making it personal as well so you don’t lose that. But at least you are now saving time, at least now you can generate automated responses as well, so when people go ahead and respond to that, it means you can actually have a manual response to those responses as well. So you can really set that up, even through social media. You want to be able to figure out the platforms and the tools that can help you do that, and obviously we have all the resources to help you do that and get there. It just that you need to start thinking about it, if you start thinking strategically on how you can automate those processes, life is going to be a lot easier for you, and thats what our team does for our clients. We spend literally all of our efforts in making sure that all of our clients are up-to-speed on the best automation practices as well. So really think about. How can you automate your processes? How can you automate your platforms in such a way so that you are saving time and trading less time, as well?

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