5 Tips To Become More Productive

Are you a procrastinator? Have you ever wanted to be as productive as possible? Do you find it hard to find the motivation to get everything done on time?

Well we created a list of five tips that can help you become more productive in your business and your personal life. Check them out below.

Start the day off with a wholesome breakfast:
The phase “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” has never been truer. In order to start your day off right and get energized for a productive day, you need to fill your body with nutrients and substance that is going to allow you to be as productive as possible. Find time to make a wholesome breakfast that is going to supply you with enough energy and goodness to last the whole day. Think about incorporating more proteins, fruits and vegetables into your diet – make your own green smoothie or fry up an egg – and try to stay away from junk foods. A junk diet will lead to junk performance!

Plan your day the night before:

It can be hard to sleep when your mind is restless from thinking about the tasks you have to get done the next day. This can take a toll on your body and can cause you to be less productive due to lack of sleep. Develop a routine where every night you take 15-20 minutes before bed to write down all of your tasks that you need to complete the next day. This will allow your mind to calm down and will help relax you before bedtime – ensuring you get the best sleep possible!

Energize yourself with a workout:
Not only is a good breakfast important way to start your day, but working out is as well. Physical exercise gets your blood flowing throughout your body and releases endorphins that can help get rid of the laziness we tend to feel in the morning. Working out also allows us to release unwanted stress and helps to increase our energy levels, which allows you to take on the day with more energy than you had starting it!

Get out of the office at lunch time:
Instead of eating at your desk, get up and go for a walk, and find a place to eat outside of the office. Giving yourself a few minutes to breath in fresh air and eat your lunch is a great way to rejuvenate and refresh yourself so you can attack the rest of the day head on!

Do not disturb:
It can be hard keeping up your productivity levels at work when coworkers are constantly interrupting you. One way to give yourself time to get important business done without getting interrupted is by putting up a “Do Not Disturb” sign at your desk/office and on email. Letting your coworkers know that you need time to finish work will allow you to get your work done on time and won’t decrease your productivity.

How To Wake Up Early & Get The Best Sleep

If you are not a morning person, it can be extremely hard to get out of bed in the morning. This can put a damper on your day and the quality of work that you put out. Fortunately, there are ways to develop habits that can make you into a morning person and can help you wake up easier and feeling more refreshed!

Get Into A Nighttime Routine:
Developing a regular routine will help you fall asleep and stay asleep all night long. Try different activities that can help you relax before bed. This can include taking a hot bath or shower, reading your favourite novel, writing in a journal or writing down a to-do-list for the next day, or meditating. These activities can relax you, and can help you to transcend into sleepiness.

It is also very important to know what time you will be waking up the next day. If you know you are having an early morning, try doing your nighttime routine earlier, so that you can get the required 8 hours of sleep. Also, it is important to keep a regular bedtime and wake-up time even on your days off. This will help your internal clock remain consistent and maintain a regular routine.

Make Sure All Electronics Are Off:
Electronics can reduce the amount of melatonin that our body produces while we sleep – due to the bright lights that they give off. This interferes with our quality of sleep and makes it harder to fall asleep. Turn off your cellphone (or put it on Do Not Disturb mode), computer, television, and tablets 30 minutes before you sleep. If you need to be on your phone before bed, make sure that you have the brightness down so that you aren’t absorbing as much bright light.

Quit Hitting Snooze:
It can be tempting to continuously hit the snooze button in the morning – and trust me, we want to as well. When your alarm clock goes off, try putting on a lamp or opening your blinds to let some light into your room – this will help get you moving. Also try doing some light stretches while in bed – stretch your shoulders, arms and lower back. This will get you energized for the day, and won’t make you feel like you have to immediately get out of bed when your alarm clock goes off.

Let Light Flow Into Your Room:
The sun is one of the best ways to gain energy, especially in the morning. Open your blinds and expose yourself to the suns rays for a few minutes. If you are waking up before the sun has risen, turn on bright lights or purchase lights that simulate the sun’s rays. Sunlight and bright lights have been known to improve your mood and boost alertness.


Success and what it takes to succeed in 2016

Successful people have been studied and researched for hundreds of years to determine what the average person can do in order to replicate their success. There are a few signs that indicate you are on the road to success for 2016.

How to ensure continued success throughout the year:

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

This is one of the most common traits among entrepreneurs and successful people in the world today. They have all overcome failure, do not care what people think and embrace the idea of learning through experience. The great Thomas Edison is remembered saying that he did not fail at creating the light bulb 100 times but the opposite. He remarked “I have found 100 ways not to make a light bulb”. This drive to overcome and make mistakes to learn from can be seen within many successful people in the 21st century.

Have emotional stability

The idea of positive and negative feelings affecting how we work plays a huge role in our level of success. If you are always feeling negative instead of adopting an optimistic outlook, then there is no doubt you will not attain what you want in the New Year. Managing your emotions will help you think clearly and keep you focused on your goals. Emotional stability also portrays to people around you a certain sense of stability and security. This stability will help you achieve success throughout your career and life.

When you feel defeated fight harder

It is important not to give up even when it seems you have lost the battle. A common trait among successful people is that when they are down they will always continue to push through and overcome. There are only two options when things get hard – you can either quit or dig in and overcome. Successful people create a habit of fighting adversity rather than walking away.

Trust your instinct

Sometimes this can be mistaken for arrogance or impulsiveness, but the ability to pick what you think to be the best option in situations that are uncertain is very important. Successful people examine all alternatives and if there is no clear choice, then they trust their instincts. Many times people are faced with a decision they have to make that is spontaneous with little or no information. The most successful individuals are very good at this because they have good instincts and trust their feelings.

Sometimes you must do the things you don’t want to do

All the time successful people are faced with things that they do not want to do. As mentioned above, they overcome this because they know it will lead to their success. Sometimes this involves dealing with an angry client or firing someone but these decisions must be made to continue success. As you do these things they will become easier to manage and good habits will form.

Don’t be afraid to put in more than you get out

The concept of delayed gratification and patience is something that has helped successful people through some of their toughest times. There are many times when people feel as if they are putting in way too much effort for little return. This is okay and successful people know that this work will benefit them in the future.

As your business grows and develops, it is crucial to develop and keep your skills up to date to achieve success in the New Year. If you practice these success principles and continue to work towards your goals, then there is no telling what you can accomplish.

We have the know-how when it comes to focusing on success which can improve your business outlook and in turn make you more profitable. We can offer you marketing services that drive success and help convert data into a focused marketing strategy. We also provide access to world class training systems that can help you gain an edge over others in your field. The benefit to you being less wasted effort and a greater return – which will help your business grow and keep you happy! For a complimentary marketing consultation, book an appointment with one of our marketing consultants today.

10 Tips to Kick Start 2016!

Now that the new year is here, it is time to get out of holiday mode and start 2016 off with a big bang! Here are 10 simple ways to get an early start to the new year that will benefit you all year long!


Get Your Day Started Early:

There is no doubt that the classic saying “the early bird gets the worm” is a well known fact. Getting up early allows you to get a quick start to your day without distractions and helps you accomplish things early on – resulting in more free time for you to enjoy with friends and family. So this year, start waking up early by utilizing your alarm clock as well as getting to bed at a decent time.


Making Time For Fitness:

Working out is one of the best things you can do for your body and your mind as well. Physical activity releases endorphins and boost your energy levels up which help deliver more oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. Just 30 minutes of exercise a day can benefit your body and help you feel healthier and better about yourself!


Make A To-Do List For Your Day:

If you find yourself stressed and overwhelmed by work piling up, then a to-do list are perfect for you. To-do list exist to help you organize your priorities and help you get things done on time


Write Out Your Goals For The Year Ahead:

Research has shown that physically writing down your goals increases your likelihood of accomplishing them. So grab your favourite notebook, and brainstorm goals and aspirations that you would love to accomplish this year. If you have goals that weren’t accomplish last year but you still would like to achieve, write them down and work towards them with your goals for 2016 – its never too late to achieve them!


Drink More Water:

Research has shown that nearly half of Americans don’t drink enough water everyday. So instead of giving up chocolate or carbs think about about adding more good stuff to your diet like water – it will have a huge impact!


Say ‘Yes’ More:

Take advantage of this year and make it more eventful by saying ‘yes’ more often! Say ‘yes’ to more opportunities that you would normally decline in previous years – you never know where one opportunity that you agree to can lead you!


Take Up A Hobby:

If you have always wanted to start a new hobby or try something new, this is the year to do it! Whether it be learning how to play a new instrument, cooking, painting, or learning how to speak a new language, try it all because you never know what you might enjoy! Plus you might also meet new people who enjoy the same interests as you – double win!


Make More Time For Friends And Family:

One goal we should all have for 2016 is making more time for our loved ones! We are all busy with our daily schedules of work, school, and hobbies, that sometimes we forget about making time for the people that truly matter in our lives. Plan a trip, have a party, or simply go out to coffee with friends and family, and show them how much they mean to you!


Give Back To Your Community:

After a month of receiving from the holidays, give back by helping out your community in different ways! Donate to your favourite charity, or help out a neighbour that is in need. Giving back feels good, and is a perfect way to kick start 2016!


Log Off Your Phone Every Once In A While:

Our smartphones can be a blessing and a curse at times – it keeps us connected with the ones we love, but it can keep us distracted from what really matters in life. Log off your phone and social media accounts every once in a while this year and keep in touch with the finer and simpler things in life that are worth experiencing first hand!

Make 2016 a year to remember by kick starting it with these 10 simple tips! Good luck and have a Happy New Year!

How the Advertising Feature on Instagram Works

Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram feed, and were surprised to see an advertisement from your favourite brand? Have you ever wondered how these advertisements matched your interest or hobbies so well? Well in 2014, Instagram introduced the advertisement feature that allows brands to sponsor ads to their target consumer(s). These ads pop up on the targeted users feed, regardless of if the user is following the brand or not. Brands can pick from three ad formats – photo, video, and carousel ads.

Instagram uses Facebook’s demographic data to present the correct ads to the appropriate demographic. For an example, you would never want a 40 year old male who is interested in sports seeing an ad for beauty products targeted at teens. This is important to ensure that relevant content is being shared with the right audience.

Instagram first tested the advertising feature by selecting specific brands – Taco Bell, Mercedes-Benz, and Chobani were some of the earliest adopters! After a successful run over the course of a few months, the ad feature is now available to businesses big or small! Though the advertising feature appeared to be working successfully, Instagram did fine that they needed to give users the opportunity to mute these sponsored ads. Advertisements are always labeled as sponsored and users have the ability to hide ads if they are not pleased with the disruption on their feed – giving the user control over what they see. Instagram has found this to be successful, and consumers are responding well to this control.

Many brands who have used the advertising feature on Instagram have been more than pleased with the return they have gotten on these ads. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream ad campaign reached an estimated 9.8 million people just in the United States in only eight days – impressive! Mercedes-Benz used Instagram to launch its compact SUV called the “GLA” in collaboration with Facebook last fall and saw an increase of 580 percent to their site! Happn has been using the advertising feature for a month now, and has reached an estimated 3 million users in London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Paulo. The app has seen a conversion rate of 84 percent in terms of app downloads as well as registered users – incredible!

There are over 400 million Instagram users worldwide, and over 70 million photos and videos uploaded everyday – making Instagram the perfect untapped app for advertising and branding! If executed properly, Instagram advertisements can open up a new market and even a new target consumer to businesses!

How GoPro Empowers Their Customers


Social media is an amazing new marketing outlet that allows consumers to keep connected and engaged with their favourite brands. Social media not only allows brands to specifically advertise to their demographics, but it is also allows consumers to advertise and promote their favourite brands products and services as well.

GoPro has been doing a success job of empowering their users, while using their content to promote their brand. GoPro allows everyday people the ability to shoot HD footage and capture out of this world photographs on their miniature cameras – no matter what their past experience consists of. Not only are their products successful, but their presence on Instagram is as well. GoPro currently has 7 million followers, and averages about 300,000 “likes” per post. Their following is continuously growing, and so is their social media campaign. The company came up with the campaign “Photo of the Day”, where users upload their HD photographs to their own Instagram accounts, tagging GoPro in these photos. Everyday, GoPro picks a photo to be featured on their own Instagram account and tags the user in the re-uploaded photo. GoPro is not just stopping at photos, they are also promoting users to create extreme videos that they repost on their Youtube page.

gopro photo

This campaign has been extremely successful, and has been going on for years now. This allows GoPro to empower their users and promote their work, while at the same time be able to share these photos and use them as advertising tools. Creating a sort of win-win for both the user and the brand. This is just one of the many brands who are embracing social media, and really allowing consumers to take the reigns on advertising through these platforms.

As more and more brands move towards social media marketing, this tactic will become increasingly popular. Consumers love it and so do brands!