Increase Twitter Followers

Increase Twitter Followers and Engagement [VIDEO]

To increase twitter followers you must have an understanding on how to automate certain aspects of the platform. We break it down for you in the video below. We use this process, and so do our clients. You’ll absolutely love it, and find it to be extremely valuable and a HUGE time saver.

So… how do you increase twitter followers?


What is very interesting about Twitter is that it is not like the other social media platforms – you have to play the game a little differently. You can spend all day making sure that you have tweets, but that is only where your focus is going. So you really have to figure out how to automate that process and how you can scale it out in such a way where you are getting a massive amount of value out to people who are interested in following you. What really needs to be understood is that the nature of the content that you are putting out is going to determine the nature of the followers that you are going to bring.

To really grow and increase twitter followers while you are doing this, you want to be able to pump out content on a regular basis – without putting much time and energy into it. You have to really automate this process. We use a tool called Sendible where we set up programs in place so that we can automate the process of pumping out content from the best sources – top bloggers or news outlets. Once you start doing this and you have these process in place, you can relax and wait for the respondents to come to you. Once that happens you can set process in place so that you can automatically reach out to the people that are following you right away. The automated message could say “hey, thanks for following me, I just want to know a little bit more about you – hows it going?”. When you start doing this, a percentage of people are going to respond back. These are the people that can be potential leads. Sendible through thick or thin can actually help you through this entire process – so you can nail it down, and increase twitter followers.

What’s great about this is that you don’t have to spend a crazy amount of time worrying about it, all you have to do is set the systems in place right at the start and then go ahead and activate the campaigns – and now you will see the results come in. I have seen my followers (and my clients’) grow from 100-150 per month who are all authentic and great people – my ideal prospects and people who I want following me. This process is really good and you should definitely implement it to improve your business practice.

Marketing Plan Done Right [Video]

Create a strategic marketing plan that helps you build outstanding campaigns.

Your Marketing Plan MUST produce returns…


Most people think that you should just shot-gun your message out there and see what sticks. That hopefully you might get someone to come at you and be your client. But it doesn’t work like that. What you should do is think about this strategically. You need to think 2-4 months ahead or semi-annually – as far as you can go in your marketing plan. The more you start to plan ahead, the more you start to anticipate what you are trying to do. When you start to anticipate, you can actually think about your content or your messaging and how you can approve it. So pre-scheduling your campaign in such a way that you can do that, will also attract the right people to work with as well. If you are attracting other people who are also thinking ahead, you are actually going to be proactive rather than reactive. When being proactive, that is when you are at your best and when you are moving forward.

Harry Rosen doesn’t just wake up one day and say to himself “I think I am going to sell socks tomorrow”. It doesn’t work like that. Harry Rosen is a retailer and as a retailer, he is going to have to think seasonally about his marketing plan when he is going to sell socks. He may know a quarter in advance or a year in advance. You have to think like a retailer in order to make your business work. This is a real business aspect of things, where you have to think like a business and how you can anticipate your next move. The anticipation is what is key. When people react that is when they fall, so if you don’t want to fall start anticipating and start thinking about how you can be more proactive in your business.


How To Produce Valuable Content

In 1992 an average person in North America was presented with about 3,000 commercial messages per day. In 2006, that number hit 30,000 per day! For business owners this number is much higher. If we look at this now, you can only imagine where we are at with receiving commercial content. In fact, the invention of a junk mail folder was only a small step to relieve what seems to be a massive pain point for most consumers. In some countries governments are strengthening privacy acts to ensure people aren’t being targeted without permission, and relevant content is reaching. This really means that if you’re putting content out there in the marketplace, it has to be quality. Planning out your content will ensure you don’t make this mistake. I’ve seen this over and over, too many people come up with content in the last minute. You can tell with most blogs or articles that it hasn’t been looked over by a copywriter, or there hasn’t been thought on who the content is being sent out to. Really take the time to build your content, and make sure it’s there to pre-empt our buyer before the sale is made.

Once you’ve found your sweet spot with your content, it’s important to think about the delivery. This really just means how your user is going to receive the content. It’s a fact that over 65% of people are visual learners, which could mean that you should have enough content in the form of video to capture your audience. Are you able to convert your content into infographics? We’ve complimented this whitepaper with an infographic that breaks down the same concepts. Have a look and see the difference this approach could make. Then you may want to consider putting out enough audiobooks for auditory learners, these could be your most loyal engagers. Here are some vehicles that resonate the most with your audience:

  • Video Courses and Modules
  • Articles and Blogs (consider embedding video modules into your blogs)
  • Research Reports and Whitepapers
  • Infographics and Visual Diagrams