Marketing Automation: How To Profit From It [Video]

Marketing Automation will save you time, money, and resources.

Marketing Automation Will Change Your Business Overnight…


Hi this is Basim Mirza signing in from beautiful Cayman Islands. So the question that I am going to be answering for you today is how do you achieve automation through your marketing? Now this could be through multiple ways, I mean you could be doing this through email or even social media. One of the things that I feel proud of is the fact that I am able to achieve full automation in everything that I do. You don’t want to be spending crazy amounts of time, you know, all your hours in the day, trying to do tasks that are just going to only take away from your head space. You want to be able to have the freedom and the sense, as well as the peace of mind to go about your day in thinking about the strategic stuff – the big picture. Thats why it is really important to really think about the tools and the software and programs that help you achieve automation. One of the first places that you could really think of where you could achieve automation is email. When you are building an email list, you can actually design the email templates through even software like Mail Chimp, where you can actually set up automated responses when someone opts into your email list. Just doing that and creating that email sequence in a very automated way, but making it personal as well so you don’t lose that. But at least you are now saving time, at least now you can generate automated responses as well, so when people go ahead and respond to that, it means you can actually have a manual response to those responses as well. So you can really set that up, even through social media. You want to be able to figure out the platforms and the tools that can help you do that, and obviously we have all the resources to help you do that and get there. It just that you need to start thinking about it, if you start thinking strategically on how you can automate those processes, life is going to be a lot easier for you, and thats what our team does for our clients. We spend literally all of our efforts in making sure that all of our clients are up-to-speed on the best automation practices as well. So really think about. How can you automate your processes? How can you automate your platforms in such a way so that you are saving time and trading less time, as well?

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